New publication: Dust in the Galactic Environment (3rd edition)

Twenty years have passed since the 2nd edition of Dust in the Galactic Environment was completed in 2002, and it was certainly due for an update! The 3rd edition is available in pdf, epub, mobi and hardcopy formats (the first chapter is free to download).

Major advances have been made in the last two decades in our understanding of astrophysical dust, driven by discoveries arising from observational facilities such as the Spitzer, Planck, and Herschel Space Telescopes, as well as important parallel developments in laboratory studies of cosmic and terrestrial analog materials. The new edition reviews these developments, summarizes the current state of the field, and considers possibilities for future advances, for example with the James Webb Space Telescope. It includes introductory material for new entrants to the field alongside detailed discussion for more advanced students and researchers.

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