Workshop Without Walls: The Organic Continuum from the ISM to the Early Solar System

The NASA Astrobiology Institute is hosting a “Workshop Without Walls” on March 11 and 12, 2010. The workshop is being co-organized by Doug Whittet (New York Center for Astrobiology at RPI) and George Cody (Carnegie Institute of Washington).  It will feature presentations of cutting-edge science on subjects spanning the cosmic evolution of molecular organic complexity, from small molecule formation in interstellar clouds, to organic reactions and inventories in protoplanetary disks, to organic inventories in outer and inner solar system primitive bodies. Speakers have expertise ranging from observational astronomy, mathematical and astrochemical modeling and laboratory astrophysics to meteoritics, comets, and more.  The goal is to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations across the community.  This workshop is also a test of how to best use the advanced virtual communications capabilities of NAI to initiate greater cross-team awareness and dialog on a focused research area well represented across the NAI. What we learn from this will inform the greater community.

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